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  • Elite Sports Bets
    'Beat the Game'

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*GUARANTEED = if the pick does not win, you will receive another credit/s until you win. Contact us if you need to redeem your free credit. This means that you will only be deducted a credit if the pick you unlock wins. If the pick we provide is incorrect, you will receive another credit until you unlock a winning pick. Please note: This does not guarantee a profit.


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We are a sports betting consultant business. Our purpose is to help our members to become sharp bettors who consistently profit on sports betting. We provide industry leading Premium picks built on superior knowledge and experience that we back ourselves. NO other handicapping service offers this.
A pick is a recommendation that we provide for you to use in placing a sports bet. A pick is synonymous with the words ‘play’, ‘tip’, ‘bet’ and ‘trade’ in the context of sports betting.
Membership is entirely free. Once you register an ESB account, you will gain access to our weekly newsletter, betting articles as well as receive weekly Premium industry leading picks for free.
To receive a pick, you must log into your account and UNLOCK the pick that you are interested in by using your CREDITS. Each pick is worth one (1) credit. Alternatively, you can have your picks emailed to you or sent via SMS text message.
This is commensurate to how much sports betting you partake. If you trade often, then the Silver or Gold packages will be most suitable. If you seek to lock in a profit and approach sports betting as an investment or income-generating venture, the Platinum membership is ideal.
The Platinum membership is suited to members who are serious about using sports betting to develop short term and long-term wealth. You will unlock the true power of Elite Sports Bets using this membership and will quickly see your bankroll grow. As a Platinum member, you will have a personal senior trader and VIP client manager who will take full control of all your sports betting so that you won’t have to lift a finger. Please email vip@elitesportsbets.com for further information.
Our dominance of the industry relies on the rigorousness and thorough work ethic we boast. We are highly detail oriented and incorporate all relevant and pertinent data into our picks, which are then published at least 2 hours prior to the starting time of the event.
ESB guarantees a profit only to our Platinum members.
Yes. You can downgrade, upgrade or cancel your service at any time from your account page. When you cancel, you will receive a refund in proportion to the usage of your account calculated on a pro-rata basis. Please refer to our Refund policy in the ESB Terms and Conditions.
A guaranteed pick means that you will not be charged a credit unless the pick you unlock wins. If the pick you unlock loses, you will receive another credit until you unlock a winning pick. Only then will your credit/s be redeemed. Please note that a GUARANTEED pick does not guarantee a profit.


Elite Sports Bets is a sports betting consultant business. Our chief purpose is to provide the best possible professional service, with the utmost dedication at all times. The rigorousness of the selection process of our team is one of our core principles. We only work with the best. We have the world’s best traders who live and breathe sports having achieved success unparalleled in the betting industry.

We are linked to the most powerful syndicates of information in the world and utilise cutting edge technology and software to distribute the most reliable and impeccable information to our clients.

We incorporate all sources of pertinent information into generating our picks. From sophisticated statistical models and algorithms to the latest news from inside the stadium be it line-up changes, injury reports, referees, weather and arena conditions.

We have 'soul' in the game which means that every pick we generate and distribute to our members has been personally backed by our traders themselves. We are dedicated to delivering expert advice to our members that yields short term and long term wealth creation.

Elite Sports Bets. Beat the Game.




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